Where we are

Where we are

Island of Krk

Hotel Villa Margaret is located in Porat, on the island of Krk, Croatian largest island (of around 405,78 square kilometres). Krk has thanks to its desirable geographical and transport position and good natural conditions, been noted as an interesting tourist area even as far back as the end of the last century.

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Malinska, as the centre of the Municipality of Dubašnica, was once an island port for the export of wood, and a favourite tourist destination of the Viennese aristocracy. In the 15th century, it is mentioned as an anchorage where ships took shelter during periods of strong winds, especially strong south winds. When the first slogan arrived in Malinska in 1866, the port for wood exports became a climatic healing point thanks to the mild climate with about 260 sunny days a year. Today it is considered one of the most famous tourist destinations on the island.
The beaches of Malinska and the island of Krk are considered to be among the finest in Croatia. One of the advantages of Malinska’s wide and deeply indented coast is that, wherever you go, a beach is always nearby. The island’s diverse coast offers a wide palette of beaches ranging from rocky, sandy, and pebbled beaches to hidden coves.

Holidays can be so much more than soaking up the sun and listening to the roar of the waves. Active holidays are becoming an increasingly popular option, offering activities such as cycling, running, hiking, sailing and water sports.


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Porat is located on the northwestern coast of Krk, at the southwestern end of the vast Malinska Bay, above a smaller bay, west of Malinska. The village is well connected by road and landscaped bike and hiking trails to other places on the island. It is well protected from all winds, so it makes a great location for anchoring boats, yachts.

Porat was home to the Chapel of St Mary Magdalene. The monastery housed Glagolitic Franciscans who divided their time between praying, working the land and transcribing religious books written in Glagolitic script. The current appearance of the monastery, containing a cloister and a well in the center, dates back to the 17th century. It remains a popular spiritual haven in the Dubašnica area.

The main marble altar was shipped from Venice in 1730. Above it is the polyptych of Saint Mary Magdalene painted by Girolamo and Francesco da Santa Croce prior to 1557. The central images are of Mary Magdalene with Saint John the Baptist and Pope Saint Gregory. The Madonna, Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Quirinus, patron saint of the Diocese of Krk, are depicted above them. The marble altars on either side are dedicated to Saint Nicholas (marble statutes of Saint Nicholas and Saints Peter and Paul), and to Saint Rocco and Sebastian. An ancient Gothic crucifix is ​​a centrepiece.

Valuable manuscripts written in the Glagolitic script, such as the Žgombić Miscellany from the 16th century, the Sabljić Miscellany from the 17th / 18th century and Hržić Miscellany from the 18th century, are kept in the archives of the monastery.

A Lapidarium was set up in the monastery courtyard by Branko Fučić, the region’s native academician, Glagolitic researcher, art historian and scientist. It contains the most prestigious Croatian Glagolitic stone monuments.

Olive Groves

In the past, olive growing represented a large source of income to these people. In 1850, Dubašnica had up to ten toš which were used for olive milling. From each tosh, up to 700 barrels of oil were produced (1 barrel = 66 litres). The part was used for personal needs and the rest was exported on sailing boats to Trieste, Venice, Chioggia, Bakar and Rijeka.

We nurture the customs, as well as our olive groves, and we produce our own top-quality extra virgin, Julie. If you want to take GA home as a souvenir, just contact the hotel staff.

Familly Šabalja

In the area of the Municipality of Malinska – Dubašnica mainly local olive varieties were cultivated whose oil was of excellent quality. These varieties are Drobnica, Plominka (sweet), Slivnjača, Krčka debela and Rosulja.